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Sunday, October 16, 2005

New Blog

Well. My new blog is up.

Check it out:
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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I'm officially discontinuing this blog. I've gotten rather bored of blogging for now. Recently I've become more active with del.icio.us, various forums, the PasswordMaker community, and various Web 2.0 softwares. I might take up blogging in the future, but in all likeliness, it won't be this blog.

This blog failed because I failed to account for more than just video games. I realize now that I need to create a blog with a broad scope in order for me to maintain it. If you do see me blogging again, it will be a fresh start.

If you are interested in my opinions enough, be sure to check this blog every month or so. I'll be sure to post to notify the world of my new blog.

See ya!
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Friday, September 16, 2005

The Revolution Begins!

A Revolutionary ControllerHoly s***. Nintendo actually knew what they were talking about. (Thank you!) This next generation is going to rock.

A quick note: this is all according to good ol' IGN (IGN, curiously, still doesn't have a separate site for the Revolution).

The new controller is the thing on the right. Yes, the weird remote looking thing. Yet, if you view it closer, you'll see it has all of the buttons that a controller has, and little more.

The main feature is, yep, gyroscopes. However, is that a bad thing? No! It rocks! Navigating through caves, fishing, aiming, everything done by simply pointing. You can move and affect the game in complete 3D. More than just gyroscopes, though, you can attach a left hand controller and play that way. Heck, you can turn it sideways and play it as an old-school NES controller.

This is truly a revolution. This is no longer a gaming controller in the normal sense of the word. Xbox 360's normal controller and PS3's controller (still the same as PS1 and PS2!) look positively dull. This is where the future is heading. We are heading to a more simple and easy to pick up gaming experience. With touching (the DS) and simply waving your hand around (Revolution), we are getting farther from a massive controller with 20+ buttons, and returing to perfection: the basics.
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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Revolution's Controller - Is Tonight the Night?

NES ControllerWord on the street is that Nintendo is planning on revealing the controller for the Revolution in Japan tonight (for the US).

At the Tokyo Games Show, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata is giving his speech... and the facts stop there. Just about everything left are rumors, but that doesn't mean it's not true. Heck, rumors were flying about about how Link in upcoming Zelda game could turn into a werewolf, and it turned out to be true!

But seriously, Nintendo has waited far too long. There are so many Nintendo Revolution Controller mockups that anything is possible, and, therefore, nothing is amazing. I cannot tell you, cannot express how much I hope I'm wrong. I truly hope that Nintendo reveals it and the whole world goes "That's awesome!" I sincerely want Nintendo to have done the job right.

But, no matter how much I hope, no matter how much I have faith in Nintendo, I find myself doubting that anything they create will be revolutionary.
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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Gameboy Micro

Gameboy MicroThe GameBoy Micro is a waste... almost. It does everything that the Gameboy SP does, and that is about it. The DS is way better.

Granted, the Micro has a few good things. Mainly, it looks cool. That's it. It's a designer gadget.

Otherwise, it is way too small. You could eat it. You almost certainly will lose it. Or rather, I would almost certainly lose it. I've lost full size Gameboys before, and this is much smaller.

Most gamers aren't getting it anyway, or, at least, most Joystiq readers. I know I'm not.
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Monday, September 12, 2005

Fox Aquires IGN

Rupert MurdochIn case you haven't already heard, Rupert Murdoch's huge corporation has acquired yet another relatively small corporation - IGN. I'm actually shocked, and wondering what anyone except the head honchos of IGN and Fox Corporation has to gain from this deal.

Seeing as I'm a liberal, cynical, corporation-hating type of person, I absolutely loathe this setup. I'm going to spare you all and leave it at that.

I'm probably going to look at IGN's reviews from now on with a bit more cynicism, and am going to be far more likely to see other opinions on a game. Usually I have a fair amount of trust in the ratings system of IGN, but now I'm afraid that it may become "fair and balanced."

Meanwhile, I'm kind of at a loss at which sites I should look to first when it comes to reviews. Just about every main gaming site is owned by some corporation. IGN (and with it Gamespy and Rotten Tomatoes) are now owned by Fox. Gamespot owns loads of others and is owned by CNet. Yahoo is a corporation in itself. And then there are loads of other game review sites that I've never really heard of.

The best solution that I can see is to do what I usually do: get a large variety of sources ranging from corporation-sized web sites to blog-sized ones and try to form a collective opinion based on the sum.
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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Slight Confession

Nintendo DSI don't actually own a DS. I haven't technically lied (I think), but I have misled. That will change soon.

I'm currently looking into buying a DS. There are several good games already out, and several good games to come. My current hopes to get are:

1) Advance Wars: Duel Strike -I have played it and it rocks!!! There isn't that much difference between it and the other advance wars, but it stick is a fun game.
2) Trace Memory - While it hasn't been released yet, and I don't know if there are any reviews, I'm a sucker for games with an involving storyline. That is what this game is hyped up to be, but we will have to wait and see.
3) Kirby: Canvas Curse - Awesome and fun. I will say no more
4) Animal Crossing DS - All the fun of the Gamecube version except you can play it anywhere
5) Metroid Prime: Hunters - I'm pretty good at Metroid Prime and I enjoyed the other two games. Online wireless multiplayer rocks too.
6) Super Mario 64 DS - Super Mario 64 rocked, why should this be any different.

And that's just what's off the top of my head.
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