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Monday, January 31, 2005

The 'nandx' Logos-- A History

All of the logos at the top of the page is made my me, using mainly Adobe Photoshop Elements. So you can blame me if you don't like them or think they are crappy. What follows is a constantly changing history of the logos I have used. If you can't see it very well (and you probably can't) click on the first word after it to view it in a separate window. Yes, I know I could go through, resize all the logos, and have them link to a full size one, but why waste my computer's processor?

nandxThis is how it originally was. Not an actual logo, per se, but the title from the Herbert theme.

nandxThis is the the first actual logo. It was trying to play off the themes of red and green for Nintendo and Xbox (duh). This was back in my infant stages of learning Photoshop.

nandx, againThis one, I went all out on the red/green theme. I added, for the first time, the words 'nănd-ĕks' at the bottom right to indicate that it was one word, not "N and X" as some people seemed to think. I created the dual n/x symbol in the middle, and only time will tell if this has any major impact on my future logos. This one didn't stay up for very long.

nandxThis was the previous logo. The background is simply a crappy sketch of the Gamecube, Xbox, and DS. I rather liked this one, but several weeks (or was it months?) passed and I felt that this site needed a change.

nandxThis is the current logo. I integrated the Xbox 360 rings and the famous Nintendo logo. I like this one also.
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