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Monday, January 31, 2005

Nintendo - A background.

The Original Nintendo The big N. This company has been producing video games since the late sixties, and began making consoles in the eighties. The Nintendo (Famicon in some places) was a big hit. They have had several consoles since then--Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and the current Nintendo Gamecube. They also came out with a handheld console, the Nintendo Game Boy. It has expanded also, gaining in processor speed and abilities. However they recently released the Nintendo DS (for Dual Screens). It is the first Nintendo handheld to display true 3D graphics. There is also their next-generation console, codenamed Revolution. Little is known about it.
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Throughout the years Nintendo has create quite a large number of mascots. The most prominent one is, of course, Mario, but there are plenty of others too. Samus Aran, from the Metroid series, is my personal favorite. Fox McCloud, from Star Fox, is another. However, Nintendo is going a little overboard of mascot sponsored games. They are holding on to the same characters like they were a lifeboat. They've got to create some new variety of games now and then that doesn't have Mario in it. There is an article that argues this viewpoint much better than I can. It is clearly written by a fan of Nintendo, as it is evident that the person is worried about the future of Nintendo.

Nintendo still has some very good games out right now, and a ton of classics on its backshelves. They created The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, revered by many, including me, as the best game of all time. The Metroid series is a wonderful series of open ended gameplay and sequence breaking. The new Pikmin games are unique and thoughtful strategy games. And the list of classics is much, much, longer.

Overall, Nintendo is a wonderful company full of video game veterans. They are well-established, but that won't save them if they do not come up with some new ideas for video games. That is what they are best at, revolutionary video games, but they have been rather lax of late.
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