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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Play-Yan Recall

Play-YanNintendo's Play-Yan (which has only been released in Japan so far) has been recalled because the headphone output is backwards (left is right and vice-versa).

In usual Nintendo-style, they will replace the Play-Yan for free.
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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Xbox 360 Design

Seems to fit the descriptions, but isn't an official picture.Over at designtechnica.com they have an inside source that described the upcoming Xbox 360 (but they didn't have a picture).

"Our Cali source says that the console is a sleek silver device worthy of countertop display, and features an inhaled design that turns the harsh angles of the original Xbox into sweeps and curves."

Hopefully it is easier to carry too...
There's more:

"The device will also be able to stand upright or on it’s side, much like the Playstation 2."

Could be useful...maybe.

"...the rest of the case can be customized with colorful designer face plates that pop on and off. The 360°s dashboard will also be customizable, making each console a thing totally unique to its owner. "

That part is interesting...but it doesn't sound too much like Microsoft. Wasn't it Microsoft that kept you from playing Xbox Live if you had a modded Xbox?
How about another:

Kotaku is reporting that the new Xbox 360 will probably be backwards compatible with the previous generation, and it will come in two models - including one with an internal hard drive.

This seems to coraborate with something I saw back in November: The Inquirer reported that there will be three types of Xbox 2s--one of which would be a PC.

However, there is almost no way to know if any of this is true, so don't get your hopes up. We'll have to wait until E3 or when Xbox 360 is released.
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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Absently Skiing

Random Picture of A Ski Slope Collected on the InternetFor all of you interested, whoever you are, listen up. I'll be off taking a vacation untill Saturday night. So, don't expect any news.

Also, I'm still swamped with Gmail invites. To find my email, check out my profile page.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Conker Delayed

ConkerIf you know anything at all about Rareware, then you will not find these news at all surprising. In fact, it was predictable from the start. Rareware has delayed (shock!) Conker: Live & Reloaded for the Xbox from March to June.
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Xbox Wireless

Xbox Controller without Wires...no, not the system, the controllers. Microsoft has revealed that the next-generation Xbox (be it Xbox 2, Xbox 360, or Nextbox) will come standard with wireless controllers. Let's hope they do as good of a job as Nintendo did with it's Wavebird. And let's also hope that if they keep system link, that there is more than 4 channels on the controllers.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

WarioWare: Touched!

WarioWare Touched!WarioWare Touched! was released, with a large number of good reviews. The general consensus is that it is the first Nintendo DS game that makes full use of the DS's capabilities (i.e. the touch pad). If you loved the other WarioWares, you should definitely get this game.

Here is Metacritic's overview.

...and IGN's review (one of the shorter reviews).
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Not Xbox 2--Nextbox

NextboxThere is a logo floating around the internet. Perhaps it is the Xbox 2 actual logo? Check it out. One can probably make out the blob at the bottom right to say Microsoft, but I wouldn't be too surprised if this was a hoax.
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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Xbox 2 Release

Xbox 2?Xbox 2 has been set to release before the year ends. Be sure to add it to your ChrismaHanaKwanza list, (or save up the money yourself, you slackers!!) Hopefully the release window for the next-gen Nintendo is revealed sooner rather than later.
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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Nintendo V-Pocket...

V-Pocket logo...and PCGP. Two mysterious patents by Nintendo that no one seems to know what they do (the latter is a co-patent with GameFreak). I guess we'll just have to wait and see what they are.

UPDATE!!--Sunday, Feburary 13, 2005
The V-Pocket has been revealed as a entire organizing suite using Palm OS software for the Nintendo DS. However, no offical affiliation between Palm Source and Nintendo has been revealed. No news on the PCGP yet though...
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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Doom 3 for Xbox

Doom 3Doom 3 has been set to release for Xbox in April. Activision has confirmed it, but we'll just have to wait and see. After all, it used to be dated for March. Hopefully they don't delay it as much as, say, Pikmin 2, or any of Rareware's games.

Just in case you've been living under a rock somewhere, Doom 3 has been proclaimed to be one of the scariest games ever, but you pratically need a supercomputer to run it. Therefore, if you own an Xbox, you don't have to pay a huge sum of money for a new graphics card, you can simply pay around $50 and get the whole setup.
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Monday, February 07, 2005

Nintendo At Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller CenterNintendo has posted a job offering for a retail store manager that will work at an "upcoming Nintendo concept store in Rockefeller Center, New York. This newly designed, state-of-the-art facility will allow Nintendo to highlight new video games and products, driving customers through the store and creating an environment of the 'ultimate' game play experience." Check it out.
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Off Topic...

GmailGmail has released a crapload of invites. I have so much surplus that I'm willing to give them out to anyone who emails me. Check out my profile page for my email.
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Star Fox Reviews

Star Fox: AssaultThe reviews are starting to come in, and, for the most part, the game sounds good. They are generally in the 80's (with IGN at a score of 70), and all seem to emphasize that the single-player mode is ridiculously short.
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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Nintendo Revolution--E3

Nintendo Revolution? According to Ken Toyota, the Nintendo Chief of Public Relations, Nintendo is planning to released information about the Nintendo's next-gen console at E3. Apparently, they're not sure what they're going to reveal, but it will be something. I'm not getting my hopes up that much, its probably going to be a video. But it would be cool if they revealed the whole system.
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Starfox--Hope You Have A Blockbuster Nearby...

StarFox Assault...Or a Hollywood Video. From now until the 13st you can rent the game before it is released. I'm going to be patient and wait... or I just don't think there'll be a copy because of the "No Late Fees" situation.

But seriously, if you want to lord over your friends that you're one of the few people in the area that got there in time to rent it, you had better leave NOW!

(But bookmark this site before you go)
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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Halo Vs. Halo 2

JackalThe Xbox probably wouldn't even exist, if it weren't for Halo. If you haven't heard of it, I will have to shoot you like you were a Jackal. Halo itself sold Xboxes for the first 2 years of its existence. Then other awesome games were released and actually made Microsoft a profit. Halo was an awesome game with a gripping plot. Even though the plot wasn't terribly innovative, the way and form of its telling made it so much more than that. It was also a good shooter, and had good pacing and fighting. It also presented a well implemented health/shield bar that made you duck behind a rock every now and then. It realistically made you able to only carry 2 weapons, requiring you to think ahead about which weapon would work best. Lastly, the few weapons they had were some of the most varied and flexible weapons ever.

But then they came out with Halo 2. It was the hype that killed it. It was hyped up to such a point that no game in existence would live up to it. But I had some other problems that also hurt it. The dual-weapons system was poorly implemented-it was too clumsy for me. I ended up only using dual weapons in dire situations, otherwise, I would rather be able to punch and use grenades. And the plot was worse, and far more predictable. They also got rid of the dual health/shield bar, which confused me at first and frustrated me later. They took out the level in the demo movie; it should have been an awesome level, but it didn't exist. *Spoiler* But the worst thing they did is they made you be the Arbiter for half the game. I hated the Arbiter, but my friend loved being him (which annoyed me even more).

In summary, I loved Halo but thought Halo 2 was only average. They changed the game play from having to think ahead about how to handle the situation that might come up to simply picking the most powerful weapon you could. It was still a fun game, but not as good as Halo.
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Nintendo DS Encryption

Nintendo DSNintendo announced that they have chosen RSA to ecrypt wireless gaming for Nintendo DS. Now people can play a bit more freely knowing that their games aren't disrupted by some nut who preys on Nintendo DS. This is definitely good news, but I'm suprised that they didn't do this earlier.
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Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4Resident Evil 4 is already being hailed as the Gamecube game of the year. While it removes the zombies, it still has that level of creepines that will surprise you throwout. It is a true survival game, from the second you start until the end, you will be fighting hoards of unusually detailed enemies.

...Or so I've heard. I don't actually own the game myself, so this is all based on news and reviews.

Also, I am trying to recap on every major thing that has happened in the last month, so bear with my slightly outdated news.
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Xbox 2--Not in March

Xbox 2?Apparently Microsoft has announced that it will not reveal the next Xbox in March at the GDC (Game Developer's Conference). My guess is they're waiting for E3 in May. More on this topic as it unfolds.
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Xbox - New Console on the Block

Xbox Microsoft's gaming child. It definitely runs alot better than Windows does, and comes with many more features than just gaming. It generally has the best graphics of the three main consoles, and has the most popular online service of them. I must admit, when the Xbox was first released, back in late 2001, I was a bit doubtful of it. After all, I was a true Nintendo fan (I despise Playstation in all its forms). It wasn't until much later, during the spring of 2004, in fact, that I actually tried it.

The console itself is bulky, and heavy enough to kill a child (I don't know that from experience...). The original controlers wer horrible too, so thank god they released the S version. Also thank your gods for the detachable controler plugs, so that your Xbox doesn't go flying when you toss your controler in fury.

Xbox games, quality-wise, are varied. Generally, there are superstar games and there are crappy games. There is very little in between (though that's changing). The superstars are mainly Halo, Knights of the Old Republic, Voodoo Vince, and other awesome games that are sure to become classics. There are also many sweet games that are released only for Xbox and PS2, such as Star Wars: Battlefront and Mercenaries. Nearly all of the rest of Xbox's library is crap though.

There are plenty of reasons why Xbox is good, and the main one is that Microsoft has competition. Microsoft has shown that it needs competition. After it conquered Netscape, it let IE rot for a couple years (which is why I support Firefox). But as long as Nintendo and Sony are thriving on the market, Microsoft will continue to churn out an awesome system that supports awesome games.
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