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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Halo Vs. Halo 2

JackalThe Xbox probably wouldn't even exist, if it weren't for Halo. If you haven't heard of it, I will have to shoot you like you were a Jackal. Halo itself sold Xboxes for the first 2 years of its existence. Then other awesome games were released and actually made Microsoft a profit. Halo was an awesome game with a gripping plot. Even though the plot wasn't terribly innovative, the way and form of its telling made it so much more than that. It was also a good shooter, and had good pacing and fighting. It also presented a well implemented health/shield bar that made you duck behind a rock every now and then. It realistically made you able to only carry 2 weapons, requiring you to think ahead about which weapon would work best. Lastly, the few weapons they had were some of the most varied and flexible weapons ever.

But then they came out with Halo 2. It was the hype that killed it. It was hyped up to such a point that no game in existence would live up to it. But I had some other problems that also hurt it. The dual-weapons system was poorly implemented-it was too clumsy for me. I ended up only using dual weapons in dire situations, otherwise, I would rather be able to punch and use grenades. And the plot was worse, and far more predictable. They also got rid of the dual health/shield bar, which confused me at first and frustrated me later. They took out the level in the demo movie; it should have been an awesome level, but it didn't exist. *Spoiler* But the worst thing they did is they made you be the Arbiter for half the game. I hated the Arbiter, but my friend loved being him (which annoyed me even more).

In summary, I loved Halo but thought Halo 2 was only average. They changed the game play from having to think ahead about how to handle the situation that might come up to simply picking the most powerful weapon you could. It was still a fun game, but not as good as Halo.
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Dude you are so right Halo 2 pissed me off because so much was expected of it and it wasnt delivered.
Yeah i LOVED halo but not Halo 2
I just beat the campaign on easy and forgot about it

your're so right halo was such a better game it just needs xbox live

I'm still anticipating the release of the real Halo 2, whatever that garbage they released is a joke. They made the multiplayer easy for everyone, you can tell no diffence between a 5 year old and an experienced Halo veteren now. I am happy to say we still have Halo 1 parties on a consistent basis.

yes, fuck halo 2 up its dual weilding, short ranged nade throwing arse

also pistol-suckening

cant forget how the STRIPPED THE PISTOL

halo 2 rocks! Halo 1 was really good, but Halo 2 just has way better multiplayer. Oh, and don't say how the campaign is so easy if you haven't beaten it on legendary. The heroic level is harder in halo 2, and the legendary mode is insane!

Ok, here's what it boils down to:
Graphics: Halo 2
Plot: Halo 1
Multiplayer: Halo 2
Guns: Halo 2
Inovations: Halo 1 (Halo 2 didn't come out with much to add to halo 1 besides dual-weilding)
AI: Halo 2
Vehicles: Halo 2
Overall: Halo 2 takes the Gold

I love Halo: combat evolved and play it all the time. on the other hand, my brother says halo 2 is the best. the thing is that halo is great because of the following reasons.
1: the pistol with its zoom in and automatic modes.
2: the assult rifle. sure they brought it back in 3 but they cut the ammo in half.
3: awsome story line.
4: levels are longer so you need more patience to play them.
5: just over all original.
6: you can accually ride the tract pods in co-op.
7: Captin keyes is in it.
8: the flood are a lot more scary.
9: the fact that it was the xbox launch game.
I could probably keep going but these are the reasons that we can all agree on. oh and one more.
10: the end of halo was just awsome, and it left you in the dark if there was going to be a seqal or not. in halo 2, they pretty much ruin the future story line by ending the note on a cliff hanger.
so if you ask me which is better, i will say with out a doubt.

halo and halo2 were both great games and theres no reason to say either one is better it depends on which kinds of games you enjoy playing. and the level in the demo movie is in halo2 it is the level with the scarab in it it has several of the same quotes like: "when I asked for reinforcments I didn't expect them to send a spartan" or "we have to take that thing out " and it has the same plot masterchief has to take out a large weapon before it destroys the city, and besides get a life if you really care that much its just a game.

kevin a gamer is not a veteran games are for kids

I can't comprehend why people hate Halo and love Halo 2 (or 3, for that matter. Long live the original). A game that allows player personalities and styles to flourish; there are plenty of weapon combos that have been discovered and each has its arguments for why it should be used.
For the noobs who complain of always dying to the Almighty Pistol, I have two things to say: 1) when everybody uses the same weapon, it creates a perfectly even playing field, leaving the rest to player skill and strategy; 2)stop praying and spraying and aim for the head.

My younger, less informed friends who have grown up sucking on the tit of Halos 2 and 3 think the multiplayer in Halo is basic and boring. It almost makes me cry...

And Patches, "it depends on which kinds of games you enjoy playing"...you mean the first person shooter genre? Of which both Halo, Halo 2 and, get this, Halo 3 are from?

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