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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Xbox - New Console on the Block

Xbox Microsoft's gaming child. It definitely runs alot better than Windows does, and comes with many more features than just gaming. It generally has the best graphics of the three main consoles, and has the most popular online service of them. I must admit, when the Xbox was first released, back in late 2001, I was a bit doubtful of it. After all, I was a true Nintendo fan (I despise Playstation in all its forms). It wasn't until much later, during the spring of 2004, in fact, that I actually tried it.

The console itself is bulky, and heavy enough to kill a child (I don't know that from experience...). The original controlers wer horrible too, so thank god they released the S version. Also thank your gods for the detachable controler plugs, so that your Xbox doesn't go flying when you toss your controler in fury.

Xbox games, quality-wise, are varied. Generally, there are superstar games and there are crappy games. There is very little in between (though that's changing). The superstars are mainly Halo, Knights of the Old Republic, Voodoo Vince, and other awesome games that are sure to become classics. There are also many sweet games that are released only for Xbox and PS2, such as Star Wars: Battlefront and Mercenaries. Nearly all of the rest of Xbox's library is crap though.

There are plenty of reasons why Xbox is good, and the main one is that Microsoft has competition. Microsoft has shown that it needs competition. After it conquered Netscape, it let IE rot for a couple years (which is why I support Firefox). But as long as Nintendo and Sony are thriving on the market, Microsoft will continue to churn out an awesome system that supports awesome games.
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