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Monday, March 28, 2005

Sumatra Earthquake

SumatraSumatra experienced an earthquake that registered a magnitude of 8.7 at 11:09 a.m. EST. I can't believe I only just now realized this happened (I didn't hear anything during the day about this). Second disaster in that part of the world in the last couple months. I will edit and update this once I find a suitable list of relief organizations. For now, I'll just point to trusty Google News's list of sites.

Google News Search:Sumatra [Read]
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Doom 3 and Other Oddities

Doom 3Doom 3 is slated to release on April 3rd on the Xbox. While the graphics aren't quite the same as the PC's, it's is still great.

Also, ebgames.com reports that there is a Star Wars: Battlefront 2 set to release November 1st. No other news on this.

Gamespot.com's Impressions of Doom 3 [Read]
EBGames.com's Listing of Battlefront 2 [Read]
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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter is Here!!

Easter Eggs!Happy Easter to all! Here are some fun stuff:

Have fun!
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Friday, March 25, 2005

Chris Bryan's Halloween Costume

Master Chief SuitChris Bryan has a wearable Master Chief MJOLNIR-class armor (yes, I am a nerd). It's not for sale (as far as I can tell), but it sure looks nice. I've got to say, it looks eerily accurate.

halo.bungie.org [Read]
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Halo 2 Multiplayer Pack

Halo 2The Halo 2 X-Pack has been revealed to be a Halo 2 multiplayer pack of 9 new levels, another movie, a documentary and other assorted updates. While you can eventually get all nine maps for free under Xbox Live, to get the others, you have to buy the $20 disk. Bungie has it all broken down into a much nicer list than I could do, so what are you waiting for?

Bungie.net [Read]
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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

GameSpy Powered DS

GameSpyNintendo has announced that they are partnering with GameSpy to create the wireless network necessary for online gaming. I have used GameSpy's online gaming capabilities to play Halo: Combat Evolved for PC and found it useful and relatively simple.

Imagine playing Animal Crossing on your Nintendo DS when you decide to visit someone elses town. You choose from a list (probably in the form of a scheduling board at the train station) and off you go to someone's town in another country. I would hope they implement a microphone for communicating between players, but I guess touch-pad text messaging would work fine. You wander the town, leaving messages, checking out the patterns they have created and admiring the workmanship and design of their homes. And when you're done, you just board the train and either head home or go to another town. All this from a small handheld powered by an already intact online gaming system by GameSpy.

Cube3.com [Read]
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Stuffo Gathers the Facts

Nintendo Revolution?Stuffo has taken all the assorted rumors about the next generation Nintendo and combined them into one picture. They say that it will have a variety of new stuff, including a weird controller unlike any ever created before.
Whether or not its actually revolutionary will be up to the consumers.

Stuffo "The Nintendo Revolution" [Read]
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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

E3 Expo--Full

E3 ExpoThis year is apparently going to be a good year for E3. After all, 400 exhibitors rushed to reserve the 540,000 square feet of the Los Angeles Convention Center in record time. This will be the highlight of both Nintendo and Xbox, as they seem to both want to delay revealing anything definitive until E3. Just a reminder, I won't be there to cover it in person, but I can collect the various reports from the internet and put them in some meaningful fashion.

Also, E3 is open for the week of May 16, with the main dates being May 18-20.

GameSpot [Read]
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Xboxes in Low Supply

Low on TheseMicrosoft has reported that Xbox sales are exceeding production. In fact, many stores are running low on the consoles. Why, you say? Because Xbox suddenly became very popular in the last several months. Unexpectedly popular, in fact. They even had to raise their expected sales predictions by a couple million in January.

Reuters.co.uk article about US Xboxes [Read]
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Soul Calibur 3--A Playstation Exclusive

No Sequel to ThisNamco has stated that, despite the fact that the Nintendo version of Soul Calibur II out sold the other two copies, they are making Soul Calibur III a PS2 exclusive. That means no Xbox version either.

A bit of a side note: I believe this is the first time since the creation of this blog that I have used the phrase Playstation or PS2.

Cubed3.com [Read]
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Monday, March 21, 2005

DS Dock of Legos

DS Lego DockBooJoh over at d³Gamers Forums created a stand to dock your DS...entirely out of legos. Another example of how a single person's ingeniousness can achive something out of nothing.

Warning- you probably need broadband or a lot of patience to view these pictures.

d³Gamers Forums ->Ghetto DS Dock [Read]
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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Halo 2 "X-Pack"...and its disappearance...

Halo 2GameSpot reports that Xbox's Korean website has an entry for a Halo 2 X-Pack (with a picture to prove it). However, if you go there now... the entry is gone. Someone at Microsoft apparently caught wind of this pretty quickly and had it removed (or this is an elaborate, multi-website hoax, but doubtful).

Joystiq's Coverage [Read]
1up.com's Report [Read]
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Camera Feature for the Xbox 2

Xbox Video ChatMicrosoft's Allard has made some comments that lead me to think that Xbox 2 will have a similar feature as the picture on the right.

"We're trying to take some learning’s from what our competition has done with cameras that let players control games"

"We've got a couple of those answers. We're going to turn that into a couple of solutions."

Or...maybe this is another of Allard's doublespeak.

Xbox Advanced's Coverage [Read]
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New Oddworld in Works

OddworldAnother Oddworld game has been announced. It follows a Shepard named Fangus who's home country of Fangustan is being invaded by outsiders (Fangustan...hmm...Afghanistan...< sarcasm>any similarities people?< /sarcasm>).

More oddity (sorry, couldn't resist) is that EA will not be producing the game, and the game will probably get an 'M' rating.

Gamercentric's Report [Read]
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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Nintendo DS has Broken Records

Nintendo DSAs in the Guinness kind, not what your grandpappy has. Nintendo have set the record with 87,000 Nintendo DS units sold in the UK since March 11--the quickest selling unit in Britain ever. Though that might be because there is no PSP; its not scheduled to come out until late April with a price tag of £179.99 (compared to the DS's £99).

It just goes to show that even though Nintendo's lagging a bit behind when it comes to the console business, they still can win the handheld war.

Cubed3.com's take [Read]
PSP at Amazon.com [Read]
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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Xbox 360...maybe

Xbox 360?SPOnG.com reports an exclusive in which they discovered the next-gen Xbox's true name. They stumbled upon a focus group where they were testing marketing for Xbox 360. Maybe true... maybe not...

SPOnG.com's exclusive [Read]
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Pardon the mess...

I've decided that I don't like the image placements, so I'm going through and moving them.

Instead of this:on the lefton the right

I'm going to try it like this:

Pardon the mess of this blog for the next hour or so...
Update:Finished! I like it more now...

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Monday, March 14, 2005

Non-Game Nintendo DS Titles Revealed

Game or Not?There are now five "games" being released for Nintendo DS in which their status as a game is debated. They are:

  • Nintendogs

  • Electroplankton

  • DS: Easy Dictionary

  • Course to Loosen Up Your Brain

  • DS Training For Adults: Work Your Brain

(translation according to IGN)

SPOnG.com [Read]
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Haunted Nintendo on eBay

Haunted NintendoThere is a haunted NES for sale on eBay, and if you want it, you better bid by 11:00 P.M. March 16. The guy claims he bought it from a thrift shop in NYC, and he was told that it belonged to someone who passed away. While he is careful to say that the spirts are not harmful, he is clearly freaked out about it. He put it up for auction at a starting bid of a U.S. penny, and, as of writing this, the highest bid is now US $102.50.

Haunted Nintendo [Read]
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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Fable: The Lost Chapters

FableMicrosoft and Lionhead Studios announced Fable for the PC. Though much of this will be a straight port, there will be more quests, better graphics, and better customization. Also, there will be more weapons, enemies, spells, armor, and expressions.

Joystiq.com-- [Read] and [Read]

1up.com-- [Read]
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Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo...

Nintendo DSNintendo President Satoru Iwata presented his keynote today. He said that Nintendo DS was officially going online. Also, there will be an Animal Crossing for the DS that will support online play. Speaking of the DS, tonight at midnight, the UK will finally get their hands on the Nintendo DS. So I wish you guys good luck in scaring (or saving) up £100.

Next ZeldaDuring his keynote, as per the rumors, he revealed a movie of the next Gamecube Zelda.

Gamespot--Windows Media Player [Read]

Update:Zelda Universe--Quick Time [Read]

Lastly, he gave some vague comments about the Revolution. Basically he said it was backwards compatible and wi-fi compatible, but very little else.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Xbox 2 at GDC

GDCUpdates on the GDC:

IGN's Xbox 2 Stuff [Read]

IGN- Xbox 2 will have the powerful Unreal Engine 3 [Read]

SPOng.com- Allard calls the next Xbox "Xenon"; says the Xbox 2 specs will show tonight [Read]

Seems like Xbox is definitely kicking it up to high gear. They've done everything except reveal the Xbox 2 itself.

Update: Missed this one. Xbox.com has coverage of Allard's keynote at GDC, including the transcript. [Read]
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Xbox Next and Part Deux

Proof?Over at Joystiq.com, they have found a site that says that DirectX will support Xbox Next. Read

Also, part 2 of GameSpy's exclusive into the next Xbox 2 specs are up. It details the next Xbox Live setup, with promising features. A big one is the new profile setup, but there are others. They explain it much better than I do so check it out.
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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sorry, No GDC for me...

GDCSorry, I'm too cheap and broke to be able to afford to go to this year's GDC. Also, unless I win the lottery, I won't be able to go to the E3 this year either. Bummer.

However, I'll still try to report on both of them, I just won't have much exclusive information. Still, check back often. Also, in case you missed the other two times that I mentioned this, but my Gmail account is full of invites. If you want to try out Gmail, email me. You'll find my email address at my profile page (click the link that says "View my complete profile" at the right).
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Xbox 2 Specs

GameSpyGameSpy has revealed Xbox 2 specs that were supposedly intended to be revealed at GDC. Who knows if these are real or not, but they seem to be.

Among the list is a requirement that all developed games for the next Xbox be Live enabled. That seems like Microsoft, since that is the Xbox's main strength.

Another is a requirement that the games be able to play music chosen by the player. That could actually be useful, as some games have crappy music. I'm still going to keep the Star Wars music running though...

Not much I can say that they don't so... check it out.
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Monday, March 07, 2005

Link at GDC

LinkRumors are abound of a new Link movie that will be revealed at the upcoming Game Developer's Conference. Is it any more true than Nextbox? Who knows? But it is said that it will be shown during Nintendo President Satoru Iwata’s speech.
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Friday, March 04, 2005

At long last...

I'm back in the world of the living. I've been sick with a bad cold and never felt like getting around to publishing to this. Apparently a lot has happen in the last week, so I'm going to try to catch up on the news.

Blue Nintendo DSJapan is getting some new DS colors, and we can only hope that the US and Europe isn't far behind. Besides blue, there are three other colors being released. Check it out. I just hope that they get some better touch screens soon--the current ones scratch much too easily.

Also, I've been listening to the Fable soundtrack, and its pretty good. I wish it was longer though (only about 40 minutes!).
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