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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

GameSpy Powered DS

GameSpyNintendo has announced that they are partnering with GameSpy to create the wireless network necessary for online gaming. I have used GameSpy's online gaming capabilities to play Halo: Combat Evolved for PC and found it useful and relatively simple.

Imagine playing Animal Crossing on your Nintendo DS when you decide to visit someone elses town. You choose from a list (probably in the form of a scheduling board at the train station) and off you go to someone's town in another country. I would hope they implement a microphone for communicating between players, but I guess touch-pad text messaging would work fine. You wander the town, leaving messages, checking out the patterns they have created and admiring the workmanship and design of their homes. And when you're done, you just board the train and either head home or go to another town. All this from a small handheld powered by an already intact online gaming system by GameSpy.

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