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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Halo 2 World Championship

Master ChiefJoin the tournament to become the Halo 2 World Champion. According to the Xbox.com site:

The highest-ranked player (who is also tourney-registered and eligible) in the Rumble Pit will be declared the U.S. Halo 2 Tournament Champion, and will receive:

* Master Chief statue
* Halo 2 U.S. champion plaque
* Halo 2 U.S. champion sweatshirt
* Samsung Personal Camcorder
* $500 U.S. in cash
* $100 GameStop gift card

The only reason I would do it would be for world-wide recognition.

Xbox.com Tournament Details [Read]

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Business Figs

Money!!GamesIndustry.biz has some interesting figures that have recently been released. One of them is the news that the Nintendo DS topped 5 million units sold in March worldwide. That's very good news, especially as most of that was from Europe. Europe seems to love the DS, but strangely, the USA seems to be obsessed with the PSP.

Another important figure is that the Xbox got a net loss in sales again for the first 2005 quarter, but that won't even put a dent in Microsoft. Heck, they could lose money for a decade and still had a lot to spare.

GamesIndustry.biz Nintendo DS Article [Read]
GamesIndustry.biz Xbox Article [Read]

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Da Woodcube!

WoodcubeThe Woodcube is downright ugly, but it probably functions well. It has a SNES, a Playstation, and a N64 built into it, with wooden levers as on/off switches. This guy is a lot more adventurous with his consoles than I will ever be.

If you really want it, you can purchase it off of eBay for about $570, but you'll have to pay shipping.

Woodcube Pictures [Read]
Ebay.se Item [Read]

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DRAM for Xbox 360

DRAMJapanese semiconductor giant NEC agreed to provide Microsoft embedded DRAM computer chips for the upcoming Xbox 360. It will take part in the graphics system, and will help to speed up the anti-aliasing calculations. I'm not technical enough, so if anyone can tell me what the heck the importance of this is, I would love to know.

GamesIndustry.biz Report [Read]
The Inquirer [Read]
Wikipedia on DRAM (Rather technical) [Read]

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

DS Freefall

DSIts official now, the Nintendo DS can be played wirelessly while freefalling from a plane. Four sky divers played a game of Super Mario 64 DS flawlessly while at about 400 feet away from eachother.

Lou Myers says "Playing in the air was pretty exciting. It was also incredibly difficult. Some of the problems were that when you were jumping, you needed to bring both hands together on the DS, and it seriously decreased your stability."

Not something I'm going to do anytime soon, but it definitely sounds fun.

Wired News Story [Read]

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Monday, April 25, 2005

Myriad of News

Xbox Memory CardAnother picture (See right) has leaked from ourcolony.net. Current assumption is that it is a 64Megabyte memory card, as you can make out '64' and a bit of an 'M' on it.

Also, the first Halo 2 maps are available for downloading today. You can get two for free, or you can pay $5.99 for 4 maps. I would suggest that you just be patient and wait until August.

Xbox365 Memory Card News [Read]
Halo 2 Maps [Read]

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Xbox 360 Logo

XBOX 360Xbox365 has gotten a picture of what possibly might be the official Xbox 360 logo. It makes sense--circles...360...need I say more!?! I also saw this near the end of the MTV-Xbox trailer. Frankly, if this was the actual logo, I wouldn't be suprised in the least.

Meanwhile, all is silent in the rumor world of the Nintendo Revolution...

Xbox 365 News [Read]
MTV Teaser Trailer [Watch]
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Haunted NES Bought

NESThe haunted NES back in March was bought for US $225.53. However, the guy who bought it is pissed. It turns out it wasn't really haunted after all (great gaspy! < /sarcasm> ). No voices in the background, no evil presence, nothing.

1UP.com Article [Read]
Previous Haunted NES post [Read]
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Friday, April 22, 2005

'M' Ratings in California

'M' RatingCalifornia moves to illegalize the sale of 'M' rated games to minors. This has much of the gaming industry up in arms, especially MattG over at Press the Buttons. Seriously, go and read his post. I don't have a hope of doing a better job than him at expressing anger and rage on the topic.

Press The Buttons Post [Read]
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MTV Teaser Trailer

Green ThemeMicrosoft and MTV are going all out. They've even created a teaser trailer about the MTV special of Xbox. A teaser trailer to the teaser trailer of the next generation Xbox. I guess they really are trying to appeal to the mass consumers with this program. Oh well, the trailer isn't that bad, and shows just how much money Microsoft has to waste, er.. spend.

Teaser Trailer [Watch]
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Xbox 360 Picture?

Xbox 360?The Gamem8ker has revealed another picture, which Team Xbox speculates is the Xbox 360. It certainly seems to fit the description from what little we can see. Kotaku, however, thinks it is the removable hard drive that there have been rumors of. Yet again, no one will know for sure until May 12 when the MTV special occurs.

Team Xbox: Xbox 360 Revealed? [Read]
Kotaku's Post [Read]

Xbox 360Update!:Engadget has found the 'official' picture of the Xbox 360. I've got to say, it is definitely the most likely candidate of the bunch. I probably would have put a separate post about this if I wasn't so lazy.

Engadget [Read]
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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Finally Fixed

Major update to my blog. I managed to finally make it compatible with IE (I didn't know!! I only use Fx) so that is no longer an issue. Also, I changed the colors around, a bit.

NintendoOh, you want real news? How 'bout this: Amazon.co.uk is allowing anyone to preorder any of the next-generation consoles. They even have a nice little description about the rumors for each.

Nintendo Revolution [Read}
Xbox 360 [Read]
GameSpot article [Read]
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More Unreal 3 Pictures

oooooo, the detail...GameSpy has some more pictures from upcoming Epic game. These new screenshots seem to be taking on more of a shooter feel than the previous ones. The detail is so stunning, I can't take my eyes off it!

...so mesmorizing.... *drools*

GameSpy Unreal Engine 3 pics [Read]
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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Multi-Version Xbox Rumor

XboxIt looks like several versions of Xbox 360s will be released in time for Christmas, or at least according to latest rumors. One version will be a completely stripped down console that can only play games (but it will be cheap!). The other version rivals the Mozilla Suite for rights to 'everything but the kitchen sink.' The other version will have:
  1. Backwards compatibility--Play Halo, KoToR, and every other Xbox game on the Xbox 360!

  2. removable hard drive that doubles as a media player

  3. WebTV compatibility

  4. an extra $100 added on to the base price of $299

WebTV will bring digital access to the internet to your Xbox 360. You can access your IM, email, whatever. You want to know what think of it? I think it's just another ploy to get more people to use MSN Search, Hotmail, and MSN Messenger and keep us away from the alternatives. I fully expect Microsoft to integrate those features so well into the Xbox 360 that you will be forced to use them. No Firefox, no AIM, no Gmail, nothing else will be permitted. And with these programs so tightly integrated, all of the security problems for those programs will be hardwired into your Xbox. And I bet it doesn't come with a warranty for 'virus trouble.'

But that's just my biased, angry, underinformed opinion on the matter. Who knows how it will happen.

Kotaku Post [Read]
GamesIndustry.biz Adds More! [Read]
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Electric Blue DS Coming Soon

Electric Blue DSNintendo of America has announced that the western hemisphere is getting a new color! (finally!) It will be released in June, with Kirby: Canvas Curse and Meteos coming later that month.

No longer are the colors for Japan only, and this is hopefully the start of a continual improvements and additions to the DS's repertoire.

Nintendo Press [Read]
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Broadcom Powers Revolution Wireless

BroadcomIt has been announced that Broadcom will be partnering with Nintendo to help create a wireless networking system for the next-gen Nintendo.

Robert A. Rango, Group Vice President of Broadcom's Mobile & Wireless Group, said "Broadcom is pleased to partner with technology leader Nintendo, whose visionary commitment to the user experience has inspired new uses for established wireless technology."

Broadcom Announcement [Read]
Designtechnica News [Read]
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Monday, April 18, 2005

Next-Gen Facts

Xbox Controller Picture from OurColony.net1UP.com has an article with all the facts and nothing but about each of the next generation consoles. They manage to sum it up in a couple of sentences at the beginning of the Revolution article:

"We know what to expect from Sony based on their past. We know what to expect from Microsoft because they've laid it all out. Then there's the wild card: Nintendo."

It is based on what has been confirmed by the company officials, and pretty much no one else.

Nintendo Revolution article [Read]
Xbox Xenon/360 article [Read]
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Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict Released

URC 2Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict is supposed to be one of the sweetest Xbox Live! games ever. I will definitely take a look into this game. It has a 3rd-person and a 1st-person mode that is supposedly well implemented. You shoot in 1st-person, and go hand-to-hand in 3rd-person mode.

Can't say much more, because I don't own it. :(

Metacritic's List o' Reviews [Read]
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Saturday, April 16, 2005

A Disturbing Trend...

How many ads?I've noticed a disturbing trend popping up lately. Namely, in game advertising. I first noticed it back in Feburary, with the discovery of Matrix Online advertising. Back then, I thought nothing of it... how foolish of me. Now, however, no less then ten companies are signed up to advertise in over 40 games this year alone.

Man, going through the streets of Earth in Halo 3 will be simply ridden with advertisments. Everywhere you look, Coca-Cola! Honda! IGN! Star Wars! Pasted on every other wall will be a poster of some hot chick with a Mountain Dew bottle in her hand. Why? So companies can more accurately "target this elusive sector [18-34 demographic] of the consumer base much more easily."

Don't believe me? Look at this:

Joystiq's Matrix Online Ads [Read]
IGN joines the fray [Read]
Massive Inc., creators of the first video game ad network is created [Read]
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More Halo 2

Halo 2Bungie has announced that another autoupdate to Halo 2 is almost ready. It will include fixes for glitches, more anti-cheating measures, and weapons balancing. "Weapons balancing?" you ask. Yes! For example, melee attacks, especially the brute shot, and grenades are now more potent, thus they are actually useful now. They are trying hard to open up the number of options the players have when choosing their weapons. These are multiplayer only options, so the single player still stinks.

Bungie.net Story [Read]
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Friday, April 15, 2005

22 Rules of Halo 2 Etiquette

Halo 2Over at Insert25 they have an article about Halo 2 Xbox Live Etiquette. Most of these should be fairly obvious (I don't really like Halo 2 and I still know these) so listen to these and don't annoy everyone else!

Actually, most of these are good advice for nearly all Xbox Live! games, so even if you're like me, I would still recommend it.

Insert25's Twenty-Two Halo 2 Rules of Etiquette [Read]
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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Xbox 360 Design?

In front of our faces the whole time...McNasty04 over on the Team Xbox Forums has made an observation. Man, genuis really is being able to see the obvious.

Don't know what I'm talking about? First read this, then, head over to Xbox.com... wait for it... wait for it......

If you don't see it, then check out the forums, they'll tell you.

Thanks to Joystiq.com for uncovering this [Read]
Xbox Forums [Read]
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Pirates Go Squish Squish

Pirates!Nintendo did what Microsoft usually does and busted four people, accusing them of making illegal copies of video games. Apparently, 60 thousand copies of pirated games were rounded up in the states of New York and New Jersey.

ABC13.com Report [Read]

Note: I have now switched over to Flickr! Yahoo! Geocities just kept maxing out on bandwith allowance, sometimes causing pictures to not appear.
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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Hilarious Flash Movie

Console WarsPress The Buttons has dug up a great movie of Console Wars. I can't say much more than SEE IT!

Press The Button's Article [Read]
Console Wars [Read]
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Xbox 360's Price Range

Xbox 360's Controller?Goldman Sachs reports that the next generation Xbox will cost in the range of about $250-$300. This is a different estimate than the $350-$400 one back in January. Also, in the same report, they stated that Microsoft will release the Xbox 360 in October of this year and they expect to have 3 million units of the systems shipped worldwide by December of this year.

Forbes.com's Report [Read]

Note:I will refer to the next generation Xbox as Xbox 360 from here on until either:
  • Microsoft confirms otherwise

  • An overwelming number of sources say otherwise.

This saves me typing space, because I'm lazy :)
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Xbox 360 Name Confirmed... again

Yeah, I know it doesn't fit the description...The British have uncovered a sneak peek at the next-generation Xbox, and have come back with info. The name? Xbox 360. That makes two sources that have this name, but no one will know for sure until Microsoft finally confirms it.

The descriptions is pretty vague, but they say it has a concave shape and can stand upright. Not much more is given.

GamesIndustry.biz Report [Read]
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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Next Xbox on MTV

MTVThe next generation Xbox will be revealed on MTV. This is an exclusive partnership that will showcase the system before E3.

“We are ecstatic about our alliance with MTV and unveiling a video game platform in a way that has never been done.” -Peter Moore, corporate vice president, Xbox Worldwide Marketing and Publishing, Microsoft

Yeah, its definitely hasn't been done before. General protocol has them releasing the information at E3. However, a partnership with another corporation sounds exactly like Microsoft to me.

Elijah Wood will be hosting the show. Also, The Killers will be performing throughout the special. You can catch the show, “MTV Presents: The Next Generation Xbox Revealed”, on May 12, 2005, at 9:30 PM EST (if you live in North America, if you don't it gets more tricky).

Xbox.com's coverage and Showing Times for non-North American countries [Read]
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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Our Colony

ourcolony.netOur Colony.net is Xbox's next alternate reality game, similar to the Haunted Apiary. This is a team based game in which the "colonies" solve the challenges for points (I think, that's as far as I can figure out). In case you're curious, I am tyrantm (limited number of characters allowed) on team 'yay.'

Gamem8ker and Our Colony [Read]
Sweet forum discussion on Our Colony [Read]
Join Team 'Yay' [Read]

Update:OurColony.net has shut down. All that's left is an ant and a cool mouse over logo thing. No more teams. I think...
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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Metroid Prime:Hunters

Metroid Prime: HuntersMetroid Prime: Hunters will have complete online compatability, or at least according to SPOnG.com. We're talking about deathmatches, maybe a bit of capture the flag, and hopefully several maps. If this is true, than it should be yet another DS game that will take full advantage of the Nintendo DS's wi-fi abilities.

SPOnG.com Exclusive [Read]
Press The Buttons, a similar site to this one, and their story [Read]
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Monday, April 04, 2005

Crapload of Games for the next Xbox

FableFable 2, Halo 3, and Project Gotham Racing 2 are all in the works for Xbox 2(/Xbox 360/Xenon/whatever). The recent interview with Shane Kim confirms some tidbits that were previously just a assumption in my head. For starters, he practically says they will continue those series.

Another, which was apparently stated at GDC, is that Microsoft will not be raising the price of their Xbox games. This is good for the consumers, of course (yay!), but brings up an issue that will bother Microsoft in the long run. Microsoft cannot run on money made from Windows forever. They have to start making a profit with the Xbox before long. While they finally made an net profit at the end of last year, this is compared to 3 years straight of losing money.

However, if neccessary, good ol' Bill Gates will fund the project with his own money. So I shouldn't worry.

Chat with Shane Kim [Read]
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