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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Haunted NES Bought

NESThe haunted NES back in March was bought for US $225.53. However, the guy who bought it is pissed. It turns out it wasn't really haunted after all (great gaspy! < /sarcasm> ). No voices in the background, no evil presence, nothing.

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I just bought one on ebay a year ago. I've been playing Super Mario Brothers when I'm bored.

So...is that a blessing?

I really miss my nintendo, I remember when it first came out and I got one brand new for my birthday, I couldn't stop playin' it till I had beaten everything and get a new game but those were the end of my gaming days and now things are so much more advanced and I am way behind. I would like to get a game box of some sort maybe you could direct me in the way of a good one to start me out again, haunted would be the shit, later...

Hey, so you did check my blog out.

If you're looking for a new gaming system, I would recommend waiting a year. After all, within the next year or two, the major companies are all coming out with the next system (i.e. Xbox 360, PS3, and Nintendo Revolution).

But if you really wanted one now, I would suggest Xbox (or Gamecube). The Xbox seems to have the best games right now, as well as Halo 2 and Xbox Live. Gamecube has lagged behind a bit, but still has some to-be-classics like Metroid Prime.

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