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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Multi-Version Xbox Rumor

XboxIt looks like several versions of Xbox 360s will be released in time for Christmas, or at least according to latest rumors. One version will be a completely stripped down console that can only play games (but it will be cheap!). The other version rivals the Mozilla Suite for rights to 'everything but the kitchen sink.' The other version will have:
  1. Backwards compatibility--Play Halo, KoToR, and every other Xbox game on the Xbox 360!

  2. removable hard drive that doubles as a media player

  3. WebTV compatibility

  4. an extra $100 added on to the base price of $299

WebTV will bring digital access to the internet to your Xbox 360. You can access your IM, email, whatever. You want to know what think of it? I think it's just another ploy to get more people to use MSN Search, Hotmail, and MSN Messenger and keep us away from the alternatives. I fully expect Microsoft to integrate those features so well into the Xbox 360 that you will be forced to use them. No Firefox, no AIM, no Gmail, nothing else will be permitted. And with these programs so tightly integrated, all of the security problems for those programs will be hardwired into your Xbox. And I bet it doesn't come with a warranty for 'virus trouble.'

But that's just my biased, angry, underinformed opinion on the matter. Who knows how it will happen.

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