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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

E3 - Xbox 360

Xbox 360The Xbox 360 at E3. Yeah, I know I'm late. It was Monday night, and I haven't gotten around to it until today. Anyway, the Xbox 360 showing was more of a commercial than anything else, but there were some cool bits of info.

For starters it will be backwards compatible!!! (for the most popular games though) That means that you could play all the Halo games on a single system. That's about it. I must be missing something with this fact, because it doesn't seem that big.

Also, it will come with a basic free version of Xbox Live! out of the box. This is big. Especially since there are a lot of features with this one alone. Also, HDTV support with all games.

Actually, they didn't talk all that much about the Xbox 360 itself, but more on the games.

Oh well.

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