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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Zelda: Twilight PrincessThe new Zelda game looks sweet. While it will be much more detailed than Windwaker, it isn't so hyper-realistic that it can't have it's own art style. It will be a darker game, and I think it justly deserves to be. The werewolf thing is a bit weird, though. After all, after Link turns into a werewolk, some little pet-thing rides on him and you fight from that view.

From the movie, Link seems to have three distict stages. First, he has some strange forest garb that really creeps me out. It seems to be a type of training stage. Then there is the 'Link' that everyone has come to recognize, with his tunic and funny cap. Then there is the werewolf stage, but who knows what that's all about?

Anyway, the game is looking really sweet. I might buy it without even renting it first.

Zelda Trailer (Quicktime) [Read]

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