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Monday, June 27, 2005

Back From the Dead

Nintendo Entertainment SystemI'm back from the dead!! Give me a hip hip hooray! *silence* Ah... never mind...

Anyway, if you want to be the proud owner of an NES (see picture) and 783 games, then look no furthur! Some guy is selling it on eBay, and it can be yours! However, you have to: first, beat the current bid of $5,600, and then reach the reserve (which hasn't been met yet).

This is ridiculous. There aren't all that many good games for the NES. Sure, there were the classics, the brilliantly designed games that spawned series. But no way are there more than 50 or so of those types of games. You want my opinion? (well tough, I'm giving it anyway) Don't bid all of that money and try them all. Chances are you'll never even pick up 700 of those games again.

If I were that person, I would wait several more years, until those games become things that museums would buy. Right now, it's worth almost crap. I seriously doubt that set is worth all that much more than a few hundred.

eBay item [Read]

Update June 28, 12:20 pm:Up to $8,100 and the reserve still hasn't been met. Hoo boy.
Update:Bidding ended at $10,099.99. Seeing as the reserve wasn't met, I'm wondering if neswoman ended up selling it.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

More Halo Stuff

RelicGameSpy has a nice story on the remaining five multiplayer maps for Halo 2. All 9 of them (these and the others) look mostly fun and certainly entertaining for hours on end. Of all of them, however, Turf looks the most fun. I've always been a big fan of street fighting. It has sniping posts, alleyways, and an entire maze of streets that crisscross the small city. Also, Relic (see picture) looks fun also. Imagine a crudload of people cramped on that small little island. It doesn't seem like a good place for CTF though.

GameSpy.com Preview [Read]

Also, the Halo 2 Tourney winner has been announced! The winner is King Tuur of the Netherlands! He both won his name being filtered through everywhere, but also a crapload of stuff.

Xbox.com Winners! [Read]

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Halo Stuff

Master ChiefFor starters, let us discuss the Halo movie. I don't think they should do a movie at all. Period. And yet Bungie wants to milk the Halo craze for all it's worth. Bungie is doing a good job, however, at being very picky about who they pick to make the movie. I like how they are determined not to let anyone else make a bad movie or add a plot twist that Bungie will have to accomadate for. This keeps it more in the spirt of the plot line. But a movie?!? That's stupid! Some CEO was drinking that day.

Also, the Halo championship tourney is nearing an end. They've eliminated it down to 24 people, one from each of Xbox Live!'s regions. This should be interesting. I hope someone posts some videos of the fights online.

Halo Movie [Read]
Tourney Finalists [Read]

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Monday, June 06, 2005

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Reviewed! --Replayability

A Fire Emblem BattlefieldI've decided to skip the Multiplayer review of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones because I can sum it up in one word: sucks. You most certainly would not buy this game for the multiplayer mode. You would buy it for the campaign mode and the hours of gaming and replay value it offers. This last part, coincidentally, is what this post is about.

Replay Value
This game has excellent replay value. I simply cannot put it down, and yet the game keeps continuing. The campaign mode is lengthy and immersing. You grow to connect with many of the characters, either through the plot evolution or the support conversations. One major source of replay value, is that, at a certain point in the game, you choose between Eirika and Emphraim and finish the game with them. Then, you can replay with the other character, and learn more about the plot, as well as you play different maps.

There are countless other parts that add to the replay value. You can focus on different characters, or try a different difficulty. The single player mode offers tons of hours of guaranteed gameplay, and makes this game a great one in itself.

+ 9 all of the good things I said
- 1 no multiplayer to continue past the campaign
8 /10 for replayability

Note/Edit(08/01/05): I lowered the score 2 points because it isn't as replayable as I thought. I guess you really do have to play it through to figure out.

Note: The Plot review won't come for some time, so be patient. Hopefully I'll have enough to make it sooner, rather than later. Also, I apologize for the crappines of this post. I'm a bit tired today, but I don't want to put off writing this even more.

Also see Graphics, Sound, Gameplay, Multiplayer, Replayability, and Plot.

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Nintendo Revolution Downloads Free

Nintendo RevolutionNintendo has announced that most of the games that can be downloaded by the Nintendo Revolution will be free. Or at least, those that are made by Nintendo. This is absolutely fantastic. Now anyone will be able to nearly play all of the Mario games for nothing. However, third-party companies can charge what they want, so it's not completely good.

There is a rumor going around of a list of games that Nintendo will offer, but Press The Buttons discredits many of the listings.

Nintendo games are free! [Read]
List of games [Read]
Press the Buttons' article [Read]

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Gamers' Manifesto

CratesThis is an excellent article about the 20 things that gamers really want from the next generation of games. This guys cusses like a sailor, so be warned (or get Firefox, Greasemonkey, and the clean language script. Just a thought.) Also, if you're not a gamer, many of these you will not understand. Favorites are 1, 2, 3, and what the hey, all of them.

Favorite quote:
"Gradually tougher enemies, more enemies, mind-bending puzzles, it's all good. It's all fair. But DO NOT try to artificially make your game harder with... arbitrary triggers in RPG's. Why isn't the Dark Elf waiting at the Black Temple like he said? Because I haven't talked to every f***ing person in town yet."

Or maybe its this one, where the chances of businesses keeping away from making crappy games based on movies are:
"Excellent. I like to think that some day the businesses of the world will wake up and realize they're part of a greater whole, that the energy devoted to cannabalistic infighting means ultimate doom for all. The leaders of the great religions of the world will realize that all of us, Muslim, Christian, Jew, all want the same for humanity. Women will realize it's the pale, studious type they want instead of the quarterback of the football team, and everywhere we walk, bunnies will dance a path for us. Dance, little guys! Dance!"

Heck, the whole article is an excellent quote. If you are a gamer, check it out. Now.

A Gamers' Manifesto [Read]

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Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Reviewed! --Gameplay

A BattlefieldGameplay
Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones is a strategy game. Sure, it has touches of an RPG game, but it is primarily strategy. The maps are set up as a grid, and each character can move a certain amount of squares. Luckily, the movement is quick and smooth, so there is very little waiting for units to get there (and you can set the options to make movement so quick its almost instantaneous!).

The battle system is quick to catch on to. There is a weapons-triangle, sword-axe-lance, and a magic-triangle, anima-light-dark; both are in rock-paper-scissors style. However, there are also different types of each weapon. For example, slim lances are weak, but have a great accuracy and are light, so usually characters will strike twice. However, a heavy spear is much more powerful, but has a lower accuracy and is much heavier. Also, there are bows and long range weapons, but these generally have drawbacks in itself.

Each type of unit is different from all of the others. Cavaliers (cavalry) have a high movement range, are usually good at direct combat, and can move again after, say, using an item. Knights, however, are very slow, have low movement, but have crazy-high defense. A new addition to this game is the ability to chose what a character levels up into. This adds a whole new strategy to this game, and forces you to think about what your team's weaknesses are.

There are three difficulty levels, right off the bat. Easy has an in-game tutorial. Normal and Difficult don't. The tutorial is very informative, but isn't as interworked into the gameplay as it was in the previous Fire Emblem. The game starts out with Eirika, the princess of Renais, and sticks with her for the first 8 levels. Then you are prompted with a choice between her or her brother, Ephraim, and then you are stuck with them for pretty much the rest of the game. This is a nice feature that allows you to view the story in two different ways.

Basically, if you liked Advanced Wars, but though it was too kiddy, this game would be perfect for you.

+5 Weapons systems
+3 Movement system
+1 Something else
9 /10 in Gameplay

Also see Graphics, Sound, Gameplay, Multiplayer, Replayability, and Plot.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Reviewed! --Sound

Fire Emblem: The Sacred StonesSound
The original Fire Emblem had one main theme that was played in different tones and different themes. It didn't have all that many completely distinct compositions. Some themes were happy, others were mournful. Some were very dark, with very low tones, and other were light and giddy. They did one song so many different ways that it covered all the bases.

The music in this new Fire Emblem is almost completely different. There seems to be far more than just one main theme song. If you listen really hard and pretend a bit, you can make out a similar tune between some tracks, but the casual listener probably won't notice it right away. The music on the whole seems to be slightly darker, but there is no absence of joyful tunes.

Personally, I don't like the music as much, but it is easy to ignore and very few are overtly repetitive. The music sets the themes and tones of the scences very well. I should make it clear that some of the songs I actually enjoy, and a few I despise, but most are in between. The net rating, however, is that I don't like the music as much. Luckily, they kept the sound room, so one can listen to any music they choose.

The sound effects of the game are excellent. Not as believable and realistic as, say, Halo, but still wonderful in their own right. The foot steps between cavalry and knight, for example, are easily distinguishable. Also, when your character happens to get a critical hit, there is a nice, satisfying bang. Best of all, they are generally inconspicuous, so they won't annoy you. One thing to mention is there is no voice acting. It is all text based conversations. But, if you can read this, you should be fine.

+5 Variety of music
+5 Good sound effects
-3 personal dislike of music
+1 Inconspicuousness
8 /10 for Sound (Yes, I am making up the scores based on personal opinion. What did you expect from a blog?)

Also see: Graphics, Sound, Gameplay, Multiplayer, Replayability, and Plot.

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