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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Reviewed! --Sound

Fire Emblem: The Sacred StonesSound
The original Fire Emblem had one main theme that was played in different tones and different themes. It didn't have all that many completely distinct compositions. Some themes were happy, others were mournful. Some were very dark, with very low tones, and other were light and giddy. They did one song so many different ways that it covered all the bases.

The music in this new Fire Emblem is almost completely different. There seems to be far more than just one main theme song. If you listen really hard and pretend a bit, you can make out a similar tune between some tracks, but the casual listener probably won't notice it right away. The music on the whole seems to be slightly darker, but there is no absence of joyful tunes.

Personally, I don't like the music as much, but it is easy to ignore and very few are overtly repetitive. The music sets the themes and tones of the scences very well. I should make it clear that some of the songs I actually enjoy, and a few I despise, but most are in between. The net rating, however, is that I don't like the music as much. Luckily, they kept the sound room, so one can listen to any music they choose.

The sound effects of the game are excellent. Not as believable and realistic as, say, Halo, but still wonderful in their own right. The foot steps between cavalry and knight, for example, are easily distinguishable. Also, when your character happens to get a critical hit, there is a nice, satisfying bang. Best of all, they are generally inconspicuous, so they won't annoy you. One thing to mention is there is no voice acting. It is all text based conversations. But, if you can read this, you should be fine.

+5 Variety of music
+5 Good sound effects
-3 personal dislike of music
+1 Inconspicuousness
8 /10 for Sound (Yes, I am making up the scores based on personal opinion. What did you expect from a blog?)

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