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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Reviewed! --Gameplay

A BattlefieldGameplay
Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones is a strategy game. Sure, it has touches of an RPG game, but it is primarily strategy. The maps are set up as a grid, and each character can move a certain amount of squares. Luckily, the movement is quick and smooth, so there is very little waiting for units to get there (and you can set the options to make movement so quick its almost instantaneous!).

The battle system is quick to catch on to. There is a weapons-triangle, sword-axe-lance, and a magic-triangle, anima-light-dark; both are in rock-paper-scissors style. However, there are also different types of each weapon. For example, slim lances are weak, but have a great accuracy and are light, so usually characters will strike twice. However, a heavy spear is much more powerful, but has a lower accuracy and is much heavier. Also, there are bows and long range weapons, but these generally have drawbacks in itself.

Each type of unit is different from all of the others. Cavaliers (cavalry) have a high movement range, are usually good at direct combat, and can move again after, say, using an item. Knights, however, are very slow, have low movement, but have crazy-high defense. A new addition to this game is the ability to chose what a character levels up into. This adds a whole new strategy to this game, and forces you to think about what your team's weaknesses are.

There are three difficulty levels, right off the bat. Easy has an in-game tutorial. Normal and Difficult don't. The tutorial is very informative, but isn't as interworked into the gameplay as it was in the previous Fire Emblem. The game starts out with Eirika, the princess of Renais, and sticks with her for the first 8 levels. Then you are prompted with a choice between her or her brother, Ephraim, and then you are stuck with them for pretty much the rest of the game. This is a nice feature that allows you to view the story in two different ways.

Basically, if you liked Advanced Wars, but though it was too kiddy, this game would be perfect for you.

+5 Weapons systems
+3 Movement system
+1 Something else
9 /10 in Gameplay

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hey how far are you i need some1 pretty far to help me with my probablem ( prety far refferring to chapter 15ish more would be better)

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