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Friday, June 10, 2005

Halo Stuff

Master ChiefFor starters, let us discuss the Halo movie. I don't think they should do a movie at all. Period. And yet Bungie wants to milk the Halo craze for all it's worth. Bungie is doing a good job, however, at being very picky about who they pick to make the movie. I like how they are determined not to let anyone else make a bad movie or add a plot twist that Bungie will have to accomadate for. This keeps it more in the spirt of the plot line. But a movie?!? That's stupid! Some CEO was drinking that day.

Also, the Halo championship tourney is nearing an end. They've eliminated it down to 24 people, one from each of Xbox Live!'s regions. This should be interesting. I hope someone posts some videos of the fights online.

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