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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Awesome Mario Speed Run

Freefall off Princess Peach's slide.The following speed run of Super Mario 64 is simply awesome. Using glitches, shortcuts, and major sequence breaking, the person who did this beats the entire game in just barely over 20 minutes. Grated, they skipped literally 7/8ths of the game, but who cares?!

I've watched many speed runs (you can find many of them at the Internet Archives) and I can honestly say that I have not yet seen one that so quickly and so casually dismisses nearly all of the arbitrary barriers that the designers put in. When I saw the freefall off of Princess Peach's slide (see picture) I would have bet that there is no way to make that. But the person made it, and smoothly too.

If you have 20 minutes of spare time (and factor in some extra if your internet connection sucks), then you should sit down and watch this simply awesome video.

SpikedHumor.com (Windows Media Player) [Watch]
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