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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

It's Off-Topic, Charlie Brown!

nxI'm not up to rambling about the current state of affairs right now. Maybe later.

This post is about related (*hacking cough*) stuff. Such as Internet Explorer. I realized less than an hour ago that this blog looks really off if you view it with IE. I don't blame myself for not realizing this because Firefox is way better. Apparently the arrows that indicate an external link don't show up in IE. Why? Because IE sucks. The main problem is that IE leaves the space after each link and makes it look horrible. So, for now, I'm just going to remove that feature entirely until I take the time to find a work-around.

Second, is an announcement of self-glory. I've been selected as a moderator on the PasswordMaker forums! If you don't know what PasswordMaker is, then check out this site. It is a very useful extension for Firefox, Mozilla, and Netscape that allows you to create high quality, practically uncrackable passwords with a minimum amount of fuss. I highly recommend that anyone who surfs the web get both Firefox and PasswordMaker. It will give you an extremely secure surfing experience.
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