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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


K.K. Slider (a.k.a. Totakeke)Summer's here, and what does that mean to gamers? No new games.

Game developers hesitate to release games in the summer, as the holidays are 'just around the corner.' Never mind that millions of kids just got out of school, and that this would be a great opportunity to release something for them to do. After all, they've just shown us all of it at E3, so why don't we just wait until winter? >:( However, they are starting to get a bit better at releasing summer games. After all, Kirby: Canvus Curve was just released. And look at how popular it has become.

But this does create a wonderful opportunity to go back and revisit lost games. Beat Super Metroid again, Halo, Halo 2, Star Wars: KotOR, Zelda 64 (as well as all of the other Zeldas), and on and on and on. I, however, sat down and got re-addicted to Animal Crossing!!
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Animal Crossing, for those of you who have never stepped outside in 5 years, is a wonderful game for the Nintendo Gamecube (and soon for the Nintendo DS, too). You move to a small village, are given a pat on the back, and then set loose. It is surprisingly flexible in how you play it (I was going to say open-ended, but that's not quite the right word). You can spend your time fishing, catching bugs, decorating your room, doing chores and favors for the villagers, chatting with the villagers, and quite a bit more. Other than the joy gotten from doing those tasks, there is no real point to this game - you can never die, and there is no end.

Also, Animal Crossing implements a real-time clock, so the village will continue onward whether you're playing or not. It's not uncommon, after not playing it for a while, to pick up the game again and find your town full of weeds and a few people short. This system means that this game must become integrated with your life!!

But it's not like there's no point. The main point is to make money (Bells). Much of the game is paying off your debt, and then buying a bigger house so that you have a new debt to pay off. You can now add more stuff to your house, such as that samurai suit display you always wanted. There is so much furniture in this game that you could play the game for a year and not find everything. That goes for clothing, too. To make even more sure that you'll play, much of the stuff is only available during certain times of the year, or during a special holiday.

And that concludes today's post. Remember: play Animal Crossing, and your life will be fulfilled (as long as you keep playing).

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