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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Next-Generation Games

Project Gotham Racing 3Ever since the Xbox 360 was revealed at E3, there have been a few dozen games revealed for that system. Everything from Project Gotham Racing 3 to Perfect Dark:Zero has been announced and shown off for the next-generation system. Microsoft seems to love boasting about the graphical quality of their games.

Which begs the question: Where are Nintendo's games?

There are none (or very few). No major games have been announced for the system, and Nintendo is focusing on hyping up the new Zelda game at the moment. The general feeling I've received is that Nintendo does not want any games announced, least the 'secret' behind their "Revolutionary" controller be revealed.

While this does add to the suspense (I guess), it more that not adds to the frustration. Nintendo almost seems to be intentionally trying to put itself in the background, especially compared to Microsoft, who are practically dancing around in bikinis singing "Look at our beautiful Xbox 360!"

I seriously hope that Nintendo knows what they're doing. Otherwise they're going to be fighting a long, uphill battle in the coming years.
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