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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Revolutionary Controller

NintenforkFirst, a bit of background. At E3 in May 2005, Nintendo revealed for the first time, the next-generation console - codenamed Revolution. They revealed the actual system, but did not say anything about the controller, other than 'some other time.'

Since then, they haven't said a word more, except that it will be revolutionary (*sparkle sparkle*). In fact, they said that it will be revolutionary (*sparkle sparkle* again) so many times that they're starting to hype it up.

Well, guess what Nintendo? Hype is the superstar killer. I've said this several times, most noticeably when I compared Halo with Halo 2. If you guys hype up the controller much further than what you have already, then it better damn be revolutionary.

When Nintendo finally reveals the Revolution's controller, two things will probably happen. It may well be as revolutionary as they have said. There will be cheering abroad, and Nintendo gains some lost ground in the console business. Or, if it turns out to be a piece of crap, Nintendo may go out of business, or at least be regulated to the handheld market. Or it could divide gamers everywhere. Some will think it's awesome, while others think it sucks.

We won't know until they reveal it. But when they do, gamers everywhere will be able to see how much of a future Nintendo has.
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