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Monday, September 12, 2005

Fox Aquires IGN

Rupert MurdochIn case you haven't already heard, Rupert Murdoch's huge corporation has acquired yet another relatively small corporation - IGN. I'm actually shocked, and wondering what anyone except the head honchos of IGN and Fox Corporation has to gain from this deal.

Seeing as I'm a liberal, cynical, corporation-hating type of person, I absolutely loathe this setup. I'm going to spare you all and leave it at that.

I'm probably going to look at IGN's reviews from now on with a bit more cynicism, and am going to be far more likely to see other opinions on a game. Usually I have a fair amount of trust in the ratings system of IGN, but now I'm afraid that it may become "fair and balanced."

Meanwhile, I'm kind of at a loss at which sites I should look to first when it comes to reviews. Just about every main gaming site is owned by some corporation. IGN (and with it Gamespy and Rotten Tomatoes) are now owned by Fox. Gamespot owns loads of others and is owned by CNet. Yahoo is a corporation in itself. And then there are loads of other game review sites that I've never really heard of.

The best solution that I can see is to do what I usually do: get a large variety of sources ranging from corporation-sized web sites to blog-sized ones and try to form a collective opinion based on the sum.
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