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Friday, September 16, 2005

The Revolution Begins!

A Revolutionary ControllerHoly s***. Nintendo actually knew what they were talking about. (Thank you!) This next generation is going to rock.

A quick note: this is all according to good ol' IGN (IGN, curiously, still doesn't have a separate site for the Revolution).

The new controller is the thing on the right. Yes, the weird remote looking thing. Yet, if you view it closer, you'll see it has all of the buttons that a controller has, and little more.

The main feature is, yep, gyroscopes. However, is that a bad thing? No! It rocks! Navigating through caves, fishing, aiming, everything done by simply pointing. You can move and affect the game in complete 3D. More than just gyroscopes, though, you can attach a left hand controller and play that way. Heck, you can turn it sideways and play it as an old-school NES controller.

This is truly a revolution. This is no longer a gaming controller in the normal sense of the word. Xbox 360's normal controller and PS3's controller (still the same as PS1 and PS2!) look positively dull. This is where the future is heading. We are heading to a more simple and easy to pick up gaming experience. With touching (the DS) and simply waving your hand around (Revolution), we are getting farther from a massive controller with 20+ buttons, and returing to perfection: the basics.
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